ITC73 MA State Contract

New Era Technology is an approved vendor on the The Commonwealth of Massachusetts ITC73 State Blanket Contract. This contract covers the acquisition of Information Technology hardware, project management, integration, maintenance, and other related services. For convenience, services and products from other state contracts may be offered at no additional markup.

Trouble Reporting

Our Self Service portal is available to all contract customers for System Trouble Reporting, Trouble Ticket Status Tracking, Proposal Requests, Agency Account Tools and more.

24/7 NOC Services

Services are delivered via our Massachusetts-Based 24 Hour Network Operations Centers to provide Device Monitoring, Real-time Status, Historical Reporting and Automated Alerting.

Multiple Contracts

New Era Technology is on a number of additional state blanket contracts and specializes in providing holistic technologies solutions for state and local government entities.

New Era Government Solutions

New Era understands the unique set of challenges that state and local governments face. We have proven experience working with federal, local, and state government organizations to engineer tailored solutions that fit complex needs.

When you choose New Era’s professional services you gain a team of dedicated consultants and integrators to help implement new technologies, business applications, and policies, using a proven framework to ensure customer satisfaction.

Meet with an Expert

Our team of experts will engage with you to develop a strategy that turns your goals and objectives into reality by crafting a solution that is right for your organization.